Monday, 4 March 2013


My first Beautylishious bag arrived this morning (about an hour ago) and I am very excited to show you what's inside the cute bag. 

This month's bag was 1st Birthday bag, Harriette(who runs the company) had changed the look of the bag and still looks as cute as before :)

The Contents:

  • Betty Hula Rum & Blackcurrant Body Butter:  ( Received Full size jar RRP £14.99)
What do I think?
I always wanted to try Betty Hula range and I previously had some body butter sample from them and I absolutely loved it. It smells gorgeous! moisturising and stays on your skin for quite a long time and perfect for my super dry skin. This product paid for the whole bag's cost on its own.

  • Satsuma Shower gel 60ml (RRP £2)
What do I think?
I have been a Body Shop fan for a long time and Satsuma range is my Favourite! I always used to use this shower gel until I switched to L'Occitane. So I am pleased to received this product again :)

  • BM Beauty Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder (Received 1g , full size cost £8 for 4g)
What do I think?
This item was in GlossyBox January  2013 and unfortunately  I did not receive this item in my box and therefore I was literally very happy to receive it now in my Beautylishious Bag as my sister has this and she loves it.

Moving on ....

  • Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter Balm from a little boutique company (received full size worth £6.33)
What do I think?
Unfortunately I am not a fan of chocolate scented products and I'll eat my lips if it's on my lips to be honest haha but another lovely product received in this bag.

  • Two x Sachets from Green People  (Vita Min Fix A 24 hour cream and Make-up remover)
and last but not the least, there's a little Bio Oil sachets and an explanation booklet about the product.

What do I think overall about March Beautylishious Bag?

It is my first bag and I am happily going to continue purchasing from Harriette. I love everything I received and will come handy for travelling too. Betty Hula smells gorgeous and this is the STAR product of this month's bag.
Overall Beautylishious gets 4 out of 5 from me :)


  1. Been wanting to try the Betty Hula for ages as everyone raves about it ! Love the Satsuma shower gel it always cheers me up when i smell it and my friend Jenny sent me the BM Finishing powder and its beautiful .. good post Miss P , it all sounds really good x

    1. Hmm I love it too!
      I tried 2 little sample pots from Amitee and wanted to get a full size so I was delighted to receive a full size jar
      Haven't tried to BM Finishing Powder yet but looking forward to
      Thank u for the comment hun x<3x

  2. Ive nominated you for a beautiful blogger award

    1. Hey Tara!
      Just noticed, thank you so much sweety :):) x x