Friday, 31 May 2013


Cute and Unique Selfridges Display

Today I've officially finished Uni this year (unless I get any referral work which I hopefully won't) and thought about sharing my last beauty haul before exam took place. 

The Selfridges had a Beauty Event on the 16th May and my friend Farhana was kind enough to get me a entry pass and had a lovely time shopping beauty products with her :)
Appologies for the late blog post as I have been extremely busy with my Uni exams.

Tried to squeeze in all the bags in one photo, the lady at the counter said it was nice to see my friend and I collecting the bags ;) Now let's have a look what's inside these bags:

My purchase includes items from Mac, Nars, Stila, Ellisfaas etc. 

I won a £10 Gift card at the event and purchased the Stilla Blush and only added £2 and it has 4 lovely pink shades combined as one palette. 

There were a few items like Double Defination, Shape The Future I wanted from the Mac's new collection and sadly they were out of stock :(  however managed to one product from their Baking Beauties range (face powder) and two lippes (Half and Half, Ruby Hoo) which one of those was gifted by Farhana.

Then we hit the NARS Counter and went mad over the eye shadows, so many lovely shades but so little money :( I picked up Cordura duo eyeshadow and a gorgeous Single Eyeshadow called Tropic. The rest were put in my bag as freebies with purchase which was lovely :)

Next up is my first ever EllisFaas product and it's Glazed Lips in shade Sheer Orange which can be used on lips and cheeks, lovely coral/orangy shade perfect for summer :)

Then I went ahead and purchased a Lip Tar in shade Super NSFW

And last but not the least, the freebies! Thought NARS was really generous and put in a dulux sized cleanser, a tinted moisturiser and some foundation sample, I didn't know until I got home and opened the bag and was delighted :) I also won a £10 gift card at the event as I spent over £70 and had an opportunity to pick a number to win from a vending machine. My friend Farhana won a goodie bag and another £10.

I had an awesome time at the event and would definitely go back there again when there's another Beauty Event. If you'd like me to review any of the products from this haul please comment down below and I'll try my best :)

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

••• BIRCH BOX MAY 2013 •••

I received my Birch Box yesterday afternoon, reason being late this month is because I unsubbed from them after April's box not being delivered for a long time and received the box eventually IN May but anywhoooo...

This month's box theme is RED CARPET READY, I have received 4 products and 2 extras. 
After seeing what other people had received, I subscribed again and was excited to see my survey where I was meant to be receiving Elemental Herbology, B/Attitude product but unfortunately I received totally different box then I meant to :(

But anyway, here are the contents:

Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser
Sample size received 5ml, Full Size £120

I have received this product before in another beauty box click here if you'd like to read. This product is suitable for all age and many french women use anti-aging products from late teens up! So I guess perfect for me however even If I like this product, I won't be able to afford it and therefore won't buy :(

WEI Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser
Sample Size received 10ml, Full size £25

This gentle but effective cleanser is high in vitamin C, Which helps your pores stay clear and your oil levels in check-leaving a refreshed, bright complexion behind.  I have seen this brand being featured in BirchBox before but never actually received any product by WEI and therefore willing to try and give it a go. I like the texture and the smell of the product, lovely little size too and enough to try out to see if it works for me.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer
Sample Size received 3.75ml, Full Size £11.50

I don't know what is the colour called but wish I had received a different colour only because, I already have a very similar colour, will pass this on to someone else unfortunately. But nice to receive O.P.I product in this box.

Mirenesse Perfect Kiss Lip pencil
Full Size £17.50

I have received this product in April box already so don't see the point of getting another one! Must be a mix up. Nothing wrong with this product but not happy receiving the same product (and same shade) for the second time.

Now the last two items but not the least are the Birch Box extras. 

WEI Pomergranate Buffing Beads

This product is to use with cleanser for a mild exfoliant to get rid of tired skin. Hmmm, I have to try this to see how it actually works.

Kushmi Tea Detox

This healthy tea rids your body of pent up toxins, boosts your energy and lowers your stress levels. Perfect for pre-event nerves. Interesting! I love tea!!! Also love receiving tea as an extra so wouldn't complain at all :)

Overall, I do think this variation of May Box that I received is certainly not the best, especially with the repeat product otherwise I wouldn't have complained. Birch Box this month gets 2.5 out of 5 from me (sorry)
What did you received in your box and what do you think of mine?
Please share your thoughts

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

••• LANCOME Teint Visionnaire •••

Hello everyone, so this post is on the *NEW* Lancome Foundation Teint Visionnaire available to purchase for £36 at almost every beauty retailers who sells Lancome products.

Before I start reviewing this product, I thought I'll state some general information regarding this product: 

About Lancome Teint Visionnaire :

Teint Visionnaire offeres two expert steps in 1 foundation to combine perfect coverage and natural finish:

  • High Coverage Corrector
  • Flawless Perfecting Foundation
  • An even flawless looking complexion

Benefits: Skin Perfection, Even Skin Tone, Flawless Coverage.
Information from :

 As you can see, I have bought the foundation in LYS ROSE 02 shade full size 30ml. This Skin Perfecting Makeup Duo product has SPF 20 so perfect for the upcoming summer. This product has promised to work well with Dark Spots, Pores and Winkles. It contains serum and breakthrough ingredients.

When the product was first out, I went to a Lancome counter and was offered a sample of this product along with my other purchase from Lancome. The sample also had the concealer sample along with liquid foundation which was handy as both the product works together as one product.

This product is suitable for more Combination and Dry skin and I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone who has oily skin. 2 pumps of the product is plenty for one use so the product seems to be lasting for quite a while (been using it for over a month and only got through half of it and I wear make-up almost everyday)

The product is quite thick so when you're applying it, you have to blend it quite quickly to avoid uneven tone. The product works better with fluffy foundation brush feels quite light when it's on. Concealer on the top can be applied underneath the foundation or after foundation has been applied, whichever works better for you. I use both techniques depending on my skin condition on a certain day.

Picture 1- product pumped out of the bottle
Picture 2- Started blending
Picture 3- Blended on to the skin
Picture 4- Concealer

I like my foundation to provide me lots of coverage and that's the reason why I wear foundation and I am glad to say this product does what it says and provides medium to high coverage. It also has Satin finish and not too matty.

I also like the concealer that comes with it! In fact this is my current favourite concealer as I found this is working really well on my skin and managed to hide most of my blemishes. I apply the concealer with a concealer brush and gives me a natural coverage overall.

What do I think overall?

Firstly, many people won't buy it because of the high price tag however when you think about it, you're also getting a concealer which would have cost around £15-£20 on its own so the price isn't that bad at all! The downside for me is that, the product doesn't blend that quickly, you have to work quickly and thoroughly to get it mixed with your skin well however it gives you good coverage so that's another plus point. I give this product 3.5 out of 5. 

What's your thought on this product?
Are you planning to buy it or have you already bought one?

Please feel free to leave a comment :) 
Love Fatema xXx

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

••• GLOSSY BOX MAY 2013 •••

Glossy Box May 2013 2nd Birthday Box

Here everyone, received my box yesterday around 6pm in the evening and therefore didn't have the time to blog straight away but hope I am not too late :). This month's box is Glossy Box's 2nd Anniversary Box and therefore the box has a different tissue paper which is very lovely along with pink ribbon and sticker.


  • Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray 
  • Jelly Pong Pong Mascara
  • COLLECTION Eyeliner
  • Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Mixing Primer
  • Headline Colours Nail Varnish 
  • ..and Glossy Box extra: Pack of Mini Nail File

When I opened my box, I was literally so happy! My first impression was positive and it certainly was throughout discovering what was inside. I received 4 full size product this month :)
Now lets have a look at the products in details:

 Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray 125ml (Full Size £18.95)

First up, I received a shine spray by Awapuhi Wild Ginger which is a wooping £18.95 Full size. I wouldn't personally have pick this product up as I don't normally purchase hair products  that often. But I am so happy that I received this product. At the moment, my hair is having its bad time, dull and no life and therefore would definitely give this a go. 

Another full size product received in a box which is a mascara by Jelly Pong Pong (also known as So Susan as far as I can remember). Sorry I haven't opened it as once it's opened, I will have to use it within 6 months to avoid expiry dates etc. I have lots of different Mascaras so not sure when I would be able to start using this. But thinking of putting it in my handbag once , the current one runs out :)

COLLECTION Fast Stroke Eyeliner (Full Size £2.99 6ml)

Another product I was happy to received and of course it's full-size. This is a water proof eye liner and I used it once and was impressed to see it stay put on all day. I was running out of my current eye-liner and receive this product just on time. Spot on Glossy Box :)

This sample by BM Cosmetics (previously known as BM Beauty) carries multi-task. This can be used as a 

  • primer
  • can be mixed with foundation for an airbrush effect, 
  • can be used for powder blusher to create cream blush/bronzer, or 
  • with eye shadow pigments to ceate liquid eyeliners.

WOW! Now that's what is called MULTI-FUNCTIONED!
I have also discovered another task that can be done with this product, I used it with Powder foundation to create liquid tint ;)

 Headline Colours Nail Varnish (Full size £9 for 10ml)

Another full size product! And the colour , O-M-G ! How did Glossy Box know that I was looking for this sort of colour for spring/summer! Lovely quality, as from one one coat, you could really see how pigmented the nail varnish is, love ittt!

 Glossy Box extra: Pack of Mini Nail File

Last but not the least, this month's box also contains a little extra which Glossy Box kindly included . My friend was asking for a nail file at the lecture room the other day and I didn't have any so felt embarrassed and decided to keep a mini one. Therefore this little treat is definatly going in my handbag.

Overall, I loveeee this month's Glossy Box. I have seen a few variation and so glad I have received this box as most items are going to be used. If you're my regular reader, then you know how much I love receiving make-up in my beauty boxes and therefore this month's box gets 4 out of 5 from me :)

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What do you think of this month's glossy box?
Did you receive different products/shades if so what did you get?
Would love to know so please feel free to leave a comment :)

Friday, 10 May 2013


Hello lovely readers, I am reviewing BEAUTYLISHIOUS Beauty Bag May 2013 which arrived yesterday and thought of sharing the contents with you all. So, here we go:

As you know about  Beauty Box Subscriptions, this is is also available to purchase direct from it's website here and they have variety of subscription to offer or simply you can buy for a month and there's no cancellation hassle. 

This month's bag was wrapped up in lovely yellow tissues with pink ribbon and the contains are as follow:

This month's bag contains 3 dulux sample sized / full size product and 2x Sachets. 

Neutrogena wave power cleanser (Available at BOOTS click here for £9.99)

I have seen this product as a spoiler on a beauty group promoted by lovely Harriette (the lady who runs the business) and this caught my eyes and decided to purchase May's bag only by seeing this product.

I am in need of this kind of cleanser for deep cleaning my skin as I wear make-up almost everyday at work or UNI. Inside the box, it contains a battery and 14 pads (as it tells on the box). I have heard people saying about this product: ''It cleans your face so well and it feels soft and smooth afterwards and highly recommended''. I CAN NOT wait to try this product :)

Next 2 items:

Sebamed Anti Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion (available to purchase here) £5.99 200ml

Sample size received 20ml and enough to try out if it works for my skin. As I have a very dry skin, it would be perfect. This has a clear emulsion and a very pleasing fragrance and the price is very affordable. Happy to give this a go.

SANCTUARY Spa Body Moisture spray (available to purchase here) £5.50 for 150ml

This product is my second favorite item of the bag this month. This is ultra light conditioning oil spritz for instant hydration and a healthy sheen. Again, this is a perfect product for my dry skin as after shower/bath my skin feels so dry that I cannot survive without moisturising my body with body butter or lotion so will definitely give this one a go.

LA Science shampoo (available to purchase here) £11.90 for 250ml 

I have received 2x 10ml sachets to try out. I have oily hair so most shampoos aren't suitable for my hair so a little bit scared to try this. Though it also gives boost and volume which means I may try it ;)

And last but not the least I thought I'll take a picture of this cute little touch too which says: Made With Love , love this kind of touch :)

Overall I am quite happy with the bag however didn't purchase next month's bag as I need to save up money for a new car but I love Beautylishious and would definitely purchase more bags in the future. 

What do you think of this month's Beautylishious bag?
Please leave a comment down below :)

With love, Fatema x<3x

Friday, 3 May 2013



Hello my lovely readers! I received my 2nd Glam Guru box (available to purchase here) in the post yesterday morning (delivered 2 days after the payment was made, super quick!), wanted to review straight away but I was out to mum's :) but anyway here we go:

As you can see , usual Black Box however this month they have experimented with Blue Tissues and Grey shedded papers :). Not that It matters but I get excited :D. This month's box contains full of dulux sized beauty goodies.  Here are the contents inside:

I have received 9 products inc extras this month which is quite good for 12quid! Not sure which ones are the extras. But I'll try to be as accurate as possible :)

  • UNIQ One All in one Hair treatment: 10 in 1 mini. Sample size received 9ml. Enough to try out to see if the product works for my hair or not. It has 10 real effects including repair, shine & fizz, heat protectionsilkness and smooth, colour protections, spit ends prevention etc. I am going to try this before I striaght my hair with a hair straightner next time and I'll report back here.
  •  Vanilla Sensation Eau De Perfume: This product is a handbag sized perfume which smells lush. I am going to wear this to work and put it straight in my make-up handbag. Sample size received 10ml. Love receiving perfume which are hand bag sized.

  • PUPA Milano lip pefection lip gloss: This is a full sized product in a red box 7ml. Lovely wearable pink colour 02 natural shine. I already have quite a few of these sort of lip gloss shade so will pass this on to my sister :) but as you can see from the swatch, it's nicely pigmented and gives you a natural baby pink shade which is wearble everyday.

Now let's move on to skincare:
  •  Sothys Paris hydrating Cream: I had a little research done on this product. As soon as I saw Parin written on, I got excited :) as I love skincare products which are made in France it's like reliable Japanese car lol. Anyway, this product is quite expensive and managed to find one in Amazon here full size for £41- £30. Sample size received 15ml so it's quite a lovely size to try out. I am running out of my current Estee Lauder Daywear moisturiser so this comes handy :)
  •  Payot Scrubbing Cream: Another product made in France. Sample size received 15ml. Found this product on Feel Unique site here £21.50 full size so again, if I like this product then I know I can buy them here in the UK. The product smells lovely. Apply on Face and Neck once or twice a week and suitable for all skin types.

Now next 4 products, which I am not sure which ones are extras as the person on email said this month's box contains 7 products. But anyway...

  • Eyeshadow Brush by Cosmetic Pinsel : I can't find any details of this company on the internet but willing to give it a try.
  • Kaiser Nailfile: Again can't find any information regarding this brand.

last two products but certainly not the least:

  • Revolution Kava Kava 60 Second Mask 15ml: For dry and damaged hair. I think this is one of the 'Extras' contains organic essence. I don't think this is available to purchase in the UK however I found a eBay listing here
  • Payot Lotion Essentielle: Alchol free toner with wild rosehip. Sample size received 10ml. Again another product by Payot in this month's box. Apply on face, neck and suitable for all skin types. Payot's official site here. Full size £14.90 at Feel Unique 

overall, I really like the size (as no tiny sachets) and variety in this box and shall be continueing with them. Can't wait to see what's going to be in June's box.  I have discovered some love brands which I never heard of before and with the overall service.

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Please Feel FREE to leave a comment :)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013



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