Thursday, 23 May 2013

••• BIRCH BOX MAY 2013 •••

I received my Birch Box yesterday afternoon, reason being late this month is because I unsubbed from them after April's box not being delivered for a long time and received the box eventually IN May but anywhoooo...

This month's box theme is RED CARPET READY, I have received 4 products and 2 extras. 
After seeing what other people had received, I subscribed again and was excited to see my survey where I was meant to be receiving Elemental Herbology, B/Attitude product but unfortunately I received totally different box then I meant to :(

But anyway, here are the contents:

Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser
Sample size received 5ml, Full Size £120

I have received this product before in another beauty box click here if you'd like to read. This product is suitable for all age and many french women use anti-aging products from late teens up! So I guess perfect for me however even If I like this product, I won't be able to afford it and therefore won't buy :(

WEI Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser
Sample Size received 10ml, Full size £25

This gentle but effective cleanser is high in vitamin C, Which helps your pores stay clear and your oil levels in check-leaving a refreshed, bright complexion behind.  I have seen this brand being featured in BirchBox before but never actually received any product by WEI and therefore willing to try and give it a go. I like the texture and the smell of the product, lovely little size too and enough to try out to see if it works for me.

O.P.I Nail Lacquer
Sample Size received 3.75ml, Full Size £11.50

I don't know what is the colour called but wish I had received a different colour only because, I already have a very similar colour, will pass this on to someone else unfortunately. But nice to receive O.P.I product in this box.

Mirenesse Perfect Kiss Lip pencil
Full Size £17.50

I have received this product in April box already so don't see the point of getting another one! Must be a mix up. Nothing wrong with this product but not happy receiving the same product (and same shade) for the second time.

Now the last two items but not the least are the Birch Box extras. 

WEI Pomergranate Buffing Beads

This product is to use with cleanser for a mild exfoliant to get rid of tired skin. Hmmm, I have to try this to see how it actually works.

Kushmi Tea Detox

This healthy tea rids your body of pent up toxins, boosts your energy and lowers your stress levels. Perfect for pre-event nerves. Interesting! I love tea!!! Also love receiving tea as an extra so wouldn't complain at all :)

Overall, I do think this variation of May Box that I received is certainly not the best, especially with the repeat product otherwise I wouldn't have complained. Birch Box this month gets 2.5 out of 5 from me (sorry)
What did you received in your box and what do you think of mine?
Please share your thoughts

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  1. same box as me and it was definitely a meh box i thought.had better from birch box.

    1. I thought so too but their customer service is great and I'll be getting a replacement product for Mirenesse xx

  2. Aw hope you are happy with the next box u get.

    Love your blog and u will have a new follower shortly (after writing this post).

    Hope we can stay in touch xox

    1. I hope so too hun..thanks for visiting my page <3 x

  3. Would love to see swatches of the nail varnish, it looks quite pretty! :) xo

    1. ofcourse! I'd so swatches and give you a shout when posted x

  4. Wow! Never heard of that box before! Looking into it now!
    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog