Friday, 3 May 2013



Hello my lovely readers! I received my 2nd Glam Guru box (available to purchase here) in the post yesterday morning (delivered 2 days after the payment was made, super quick!), wanted to review straight away but I was out to mum's :) but anyway here we go:

As you can see , usual Black Box however this month they have experimented with Blue Tissues and Grey shedded papers :). Not that It matters but I get excited :D. This month's box contains full of dulux sized beauty goodies.  Here are the contents inside:

I have received 9 products inc extras this month which is quite good for 12quid! Not sure which ones are the extras. But I'll try to be as accurate as possible :)

  • UNIQ One All in one Hair treatment: 10 in 1 mini. Sample size received 9ml. Enough to try out to see if the product works for my hair or not. It has 10 real effects including repair, shine & fizz, heat protectionsilkness and smooth, colour protections, spit ends prevention etc. I am going to try this before I striaght my hair with a hair straightner next time and I'll report back here.
  •  Vanilla Sensation Eau De Perfume: This product is a handbag sized perfume which smells lush. I am going to wear this to work and put it straight in my make-up handbag. Sample size received 10ml. Love receiving perfume which are hand bag sized.

  • PUPA Milano lip pefection lip gloss: This is a full sized product in a red box 7ml. Lovely wearable pink colour 02 natural shine. I already have quite a few of these sort of lip gloss shade so will pass this on to my sister :) but as you can see from the swatch, it's nicely pigmented and gives you a natural baby pink shade which is wearble everyday.

Now let's move on to skincare:
  •  Sothys Paris hydrating Cream: I had a little research done on this product. As soon as I saw Parin written on, I got excited :) as I love skincare products which are made in France it's like reliable Japanese car lol. Anyway, this product is quite expensive and managed to find one in Amazon here full size for £41- £30. Sample size received 15ml so it's quite a lovely size to try out. I am running out of my current Estee Lauder Daywear moisturiser so this comes handy :)
  •  Payot Scrubbing Cream: Another product made in France. Sample size received 15ml. Found this product on Feel Unique site here £21.50 full size so again, if I like this product then I know I can buy them here in the UK. The product smells lovely. Apply on Face and Neck once or twice a week and suitable for all skin types.

Now next 4 products, which I am not sure which ones are extras as the person on email said this month's box contains 7 products. But anyway...

  • Eyeshadow Brush by Cosmetic Pinsel : I can't find any details of this company on the internet but willing to give it a try.
  • Kaiser Nailfile: Again can't find any information regarding this brand.

last two products but certainly not the least:

  • Revolution Kava Kava 60 Second Mask 15ml: For dry and damaged hair. I think this is one of the 'Extras' contains organic essence. I don't think this is available to purchase in the UK however I found a eBay listing here
  • Payot Lotion Essentielle: Alchol free toner with wild rosehip. Sample size received 10ml. Again another product by Payot in this month's box. Apply on face, neck and suitable for all skin types. Payot's official site here. Full size £14.90 at Feel Unique 

overall, I really like the size (as no tiny sachets) and variety in this box and shall be continueing with them. Can't wait to see what's going to be in June's box.  I have discovered some love brands which I never heard of before and with the overall service.

And don't forget the FRONTCOVER Lipstick Set Competition/Giveaway is still on here

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  1. That is a lot of products xx

    1. Indeed worth the money xx

  2. Thank you for sharing...I've subscribed. Now so excited; I can't wait to get mine!
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