Friday, 31 May 2013


Cute and Unique Selfridges Display

Today I've officially finished Uni this year (unless I get any referral work which I hopefully won't) and thought about sharing my last beauty haul before exam took place. 

The Selfridges had a Beauty Event on the 16th May and my friend Farhana was kind enough to get me a entry pass and had a lovely time shopping beauty products with her :)
Appologies for the late blog post as I have been extremely busy with my Uni exams.

Tried to squeeze in all the bags in one photo, the lady at the counter said it was nice to see my friend and I collecting the bags ;) Now let's have a look what's inside these bags:

My purchase includes items from Mac, Nars, Stila, Ellisfaas etc. 

I won a £10 Gift card at the event and purchased the Stilla Blush and only added £2 and it has 4 lovely pink shades combined as one palette. 

There were a few items like Double Defination, Shape The Future I wanted from the Mac's new collection and sadly they were out of stock :(  however managed to one product from their Baking Beauties range (face powder) and two lippes (Half and Half, Ruby Hoo) which one of those was gifted by Farhana.

Then we hit the NARS Counter and went mad over the eye shadows, so many lovely shades but so little money :( I picked up Cordura duo eyeshadow and a gorgeous Single Eyeshadow called Tropic. The rest were put in my bag as freebies with purchase which was lovely :)

Next up is my first ever EllisFaas product and it's Glazed Lips in shade Sheer Orange which can be used on lips and cheeks, lovely coral/orangy shade perfect for summer :)

Then I went ahead and purchased a Lip Tar in shade Super NSFW

And last but not the least, the freebies! Thought NARS was really generous and put in a dulux sized cleanser, a tinted moisturiser and some foundation sample, I didn't know until I got home and opened the bag and was delighted :) I also won a £10 gift card at the event as I spent over £70 and had an opportunity to pick a number to win from a vending machine. My friend Farhana won a goodie bag and another £10.

I had an awesome time at the event and would definitely go back there again when there's another Beauty Event. If you'd like me to review any of the products from this haul please comment down below and I'll try my best :)

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  1. lovely review hun and bring on the next event *starts saving* :D

  2. Fab haul, and amazing freebies, I bet it felt like Christmas when you got home and opened everything.
    Angela x

  3. A great post, looks like you had a fun day, and what a great haul too!

  4. Amazing haul, the Nars stuff looks fabulous. Not shopped there for a long time!