Sunday, 19 May 2013

••• LANCOME Teint Visionnaire •••

Hello everyone, so this post is on the *NEW* Lancome Foundation Teint Visionnaire available to purchase for £36 at almost every beauty retailers who sells Lancome products.

Before I start reviewing this product, I thought I'll state some general information regarding this product: 

About Lancome Teint Visionnaire :

Teint Visionnaire offeres two expert steps in 1 foundation to combine perfect coverage and natural finish:

  • High Coverage Corrector
  • Flawless Perfecting Foundation
  • An even flawless looking complexion

Benefits: Skin Perfection, Even Skin Tone, Flawless Coverage.
Information from :

 As you can see, I have bought the foundation in LYS ROSE 02 shade full size 30ml. This Skin Perfecting Makeup Duo product has SPF 20 so perfect for the upcoming summer. This product has promised to work well with Dark Spots, Pores and Winkles. It contains serum and breakthrough ingredients.

When the product was first out, I went to a Lancome counter and was offered a sample of this product along with my other purchase from Lancome. The sample also had the concealer sample along with liquid foundation which was handy as both the product works together as one product.

This product is suitable for more Combination and Dry skin and I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone who has oily skin. 2 pumps of the product is plenty for one use so the product seems to be lasting for quite a while (been using it for over a month and only got through half of it and I wear make-up almost everyday)

The product is quite thick so when you're applying it, you have to blend it quite quickly to avoid uneven tone. The product works better with fluffy foundation brush feels quite light when it's on. Concealer on the top can be applied underneath the foundation or after foundation has been applied, whichever works better for you. I use both techniques depending on my skin condition on a certain day.

Picture 1- product pumped out of the bottle
Picture 2- Started blending
Picture 3- Blended on to the skin
Picture 4- Concealer

I like my foundation to provide me lots of coverage and that's the reason why I wear foundation and I am glad to say this product does what it says and provides medium to high coverage. It also has Satin finish and not too matty.

I also like the concealer that comes with it! In fact this is my current favourite concealer as I found this is working really well on my skin and managed to hide most of my blemishes. I apply the concealer with a concealer brush and gives me a natural coverage overall.

What do I think overall?

Firstly, many people won't buy it because of the high price tag however when you think about it, you're also getting a concealer which would have cost around £15-£20 on its own so the price isn't that bad at all! The downside for me is that, the product doesn't blend that quickly, you have to work quickly and thoroughly to get it mixed with your skin well however it gives you good coverage so that's another plus point. I give this product 3.5 out of 5. 

What's your thought on this product?
Are you planning to buy it or have you already bought one?

Please feel free to leave a comment :) 
Love Fatema xXx

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  1. I bought it two days ago and even if I wore it only once, I am very happy with it.