Sunday, 31 March 2013



This review is on the Limited Edition NARS Foreplay which can be purchased here: for £39.50

OK, So I was going to review this along with other blushers but I thought this beautiful palette deserves a review on its own :) so here we go...


As you can see, this palette contains 4 colours which one of them is a Highlighter and their popular Orgasm Blush (the biggest size out of the other 3 in the palette).

I was expecting the palette to be a little bit bigger than it actually is as none of them is full size. Two of the small blushers are NARS's same size as their eye-shadows. Highlighter is the smallest size. So, you might have to get a little smaller blush brush to get some product out but the good thing is, it's very pigmented as expected from NARS.

1. Matte Deep Peachy Rose Shade: I like this colour, it's very sweet rossy pink without any shimmer effect that usually NARS blush has. It's matty colour and you can mix it up with the highlighter if you like little bit of a shimmer.

2. Matte Hot pink with blue undertone: This is one of my favourite colour. I mainly bought the pallette for this colour as I didn't have anything similar to this. It's bit purpley and would suit fantastically in summer as it's bright. Again use it with the highlighter to get some shimmer or simply use it on it's own to get matte effect.

3. Shimmer bright yellow gold highlighter: Right, I was expecting a little bit more pigmentation from this product as I have an Ivory skin tone, it doesn't show up very well and therefore not recomended for darker skin tone. I prefer my MAC Shell blush which I use as highlighter on my cheek bone or nothing can beat High Beam by Benefit. Not so excited about this highlighter after using it a few times , not that impressed.

4. NARS Orgasm : Well, apparently people are mad over NARS Orgasm. I LOVE NARS bluhses but never liked Orgasm shade as it never picks up the colour on my cheek.  No complain about the shimmer as that's what I like but the pigmentation isn't great.

Now, let's have a look at an alternative , SLEEK Rose Gold Blush which is extremely similar to ORGASM and less pricey. Available to purchase here for £4.49 ! :

As you can clearly see from the swatches, Sleek surprisingly has more pigmentation than the NARS Orgasm. I had to rub quite hard on the NARS pan to get some product out and if you're on budget, I recommend you to get the Sleek Blush for only £4.49.

Overall, I am not too impressed with this palette but I don't regret buying it at the same time. I will use all of them on a regular basis so I haven't wasted any money. Can also make a lovely present.

Did you buy one of the NARS Foreplay Palette? 

or, if not, are you planning to buy one?

What is your thought? 

Please leave a comment :)

Love, Fatema x


  1. I agree with your opinion of orgasm. It is not extremly piqmented and doesnt show on tanned skin however if gou build itup it can look quitepretty. Personally im not impressed by the range of colours in this pallette which is why I dont own it. NARS can do better. Xx

    1. yup absolutely!
      To be honest, I am a bit lazy and can't be bothered to build up the colour lol
      NARS can deff do better, I agree

      Thanks for poping by hun x

  2. I have the Foreplay palette and I really like it. Orgasm shows up fine on me, I'm quite pale, though, (NC20). I'm a big fan of NARS blushes as a whole (Sin and Luster are probably my current favourites). Lovely review, honey. And thanks for being so honest xx

    1. Hey Jo!
      Orgasm works with paler skin better than tanned so it's not for everyone ,however I do like the colour and shimmer.
      and no problem at all hun!
      I'll always try to be honest :)


  3. I love this palette, it's on my to buy list! Great review xx

    1. Hey Lou!
      Make sure you wait until you see a good offer around hun :)

      Thanks for poping by x x

  4. Ooo i was thinking about getting the nars orgasm but I was unsure about paying the price ! I think I will go pick me up some sleek now after reading this!

  5. Great blog Fatema, i recently got the Sleek in rose gold & love it! Exact dupe of Nars orgasm! xx