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For the first time ever, I'm writing a post on FOOD! yes you read it right! It's called Flavourly and a new Food subscription box. I read a blog about this company and found a fantastic offer of £10 off my First Order so I couldn't help myself ordering one for only £4.99!

I ordered last week and the box reached me within 4 working days! When it arrived, I was so delighted as it was heavy and well presented, a bit like Beauty Boxes. I only received the box yesterday and have only tried 3 of the products so far so I am unable to comment much on other items.

 Menu card (what's in my box?) Total item received 12 

I was a little worried to receive anything non-vegetarian and i decided to throw it away if I receive any! But..but...but....but!! Everything I've received, they're all suitable for vegetarians which is a big thumbs up for me! However, I'm unsure if that's going to happen every month and in which I case, I'll be emailing them to confirm. Now lets have a look at the contents:

  • Trotter's Independent Condiments ( Uncle Allan's Chutney) Inspired by a great uncle#s recipe, this traditional chutney is made from dates, sultanas, apples and onions with a workiong after taste from a pinch of cayenne pepper- Definitely to be used with some nice oatcakes and rice. I am a big fan of chutneys and this product was definately so me! Taste different as I've never tried any chutney with Dates and Sultanas in it. Love it :) 
  • Sun Dried Tomato paste by Olive Branch: Having working with small farmers around Greece to bring you the best flavors the country has to offer. Olive branches Mezze range is ideal for dipping, marinating and to use as condiments for BBQs.

  • RosterB Coffee Co (London Blend Coffee): Just like London, this blend produce an elegant looking dark brew with luscious chocolaty flavors. A royal partnership is formed between this distinctive earthy aroma and its bitter sweet undertones to provide coffee lovers with a velvet rich European taste. Hmm, interesting!
  • Hodmedod's Great British Beans: These british frown split dried fava beans are delicious, healthy and a great source of vegetable protein. They're very easy to cook and don't even need soaking. The beans become softer as they're cooked and are perfect for soups, stews, curries, dips, falafel and more. There is a little recipe book inside and I'm keen to learn how to make tasty dish with it. 
  • Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie: An indulgent snack for a healthy conscience. Pulsin have rebuilt the brownie concept by introducing healthy ingredients to give a great taste without the guilt and their raw choc brownies contains no added sugar, wheat, dairy and eggs.
  • Handmade Oat cake Company: Handmade from a small artisan producer in the bustling city of perth, these handmade traditional Scottish oatcakes and made using all-natural ingredients- perfect for dipping or eating with cheese!

  • Mixed flavour Olives by Oloves: Available in four delicious flavours. One I received is with Lemon and Garlic. I have received 2 sachets of 30g. This is ready to eat trat with no pits and no liquid, just pure healthy goodness and of course- a little love in every olive.
  • Gregor's Dressings : An exceptionally tasty dressing, marinade, glaze and dip which is perfect for salads, meat, fish and vegetables. Free from all additives and preservatives, Gregor's original Umani dressing & marinade can be used for a variety of culinary purposes.
  • Goody Good Stuff: An all natural, meat free alternatives to traditional gummy in sour flavour. I am a not fan of soured sweets so I tried one packet and will be giving the other one away. Received 2.

  • Tea pigs Everyday morning brew tea x2: A perfectly balanced blend with a malty, zesty, rich strengths. 

Tea made of Teapigs

As you can see, I've already tried this product and I quite liked it. As I'm a tea drinker, and therefore I normally look for stronger flavoured tea and this is not that strong but it's OK with morning breakfast.

Overall, I have really enjoyed receiving this box and delighted with the contents. Therefore I would definitely continue with them for next month. 

What do you think of Flavourly box?
Will you be subscribing?

..and thank you for reading this post :)

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  1. This looks really interesting! I love trying new things and looks really good value too

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  3. Trotters are lovely! They do a fantastic sweet chilli dip that is just gorge :)