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••• Papier Paudre Powdered Paper Review •••

Papier Poudre (also known as blotting paper)

Papier Paudre Official Website

Hello my lovely readers, today I've a little unusual yet could be one of your essentials to own one of these products by Papier Paudre which was kindly sent to me by the company to review.

About the product:

The original since 1903
The natural ingredients of Lehcaresor Papier Paudre have absorbent qualities for cleansing the pores, lifting oil, dust and dirt from the skin, and soak up excess oils to keep your face looking fresh and natural, removing shine and leaving a trace of delicately scented powder to an instant matt finish to make up.

Available in 3 colours: White, Rachel and Rose 

Each booklet contains 65 sheets and perfect for handbags! This is an inexpensive way of keeping your face out of excessive oil and dirt free. I have very dry skin however, some part of my face near my nose area is oily and I've been looking out for an item which clears up oil/shine but do not take away any make up I'm wearing. This product exactly does what it says! 

I have tried this product a few time and was really surprised to see the amount of dirt and oil I was gaining while I was out by simply tabing the product on the face (in my nose area especially). Eventhough they come in different colours, they hardly ever smells of anything which means, the product is suitable if you're not a great fan of putting smelly products on your face, I certainly don't like putting anything on which I can smell of anything.

The product really soaks in oil and the layer of powder conveniently adds a touch of powder to the oily areas and removes the shine instantly. This product is perfect for oily skin types as the last thing you would like to be doing is apply lots of pressed powder on your skin. However, this also suited my dry skin and I highly recommend anyone to atleast try one booklet and I'm sure you'll fall in love like I did :)

This was my review on Papier Paudre blotting paper, what do you think?
Will you be buying some?

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  1. I love these blotting papers and can't live without them - I end up using around 3-4 a day, that's how oily my face is :(
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