Monday, 22 April 2013

•••• BIRCH BOX APRIL 2013 ••••

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Hello my lovely readers, This review is on Birch Box April 2013 which I received last week and thought of sharing the contents and review with you. So here we go:

This month's theme is 'IN BLOOM'. Usual box design along with its magazine with spring feeling to it. Inside the box I have received:
  • Gerda Spillmann Age Serum
  • La Societe Parisienne De Savons Soap
  • Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lip pencil
  • Waleda Skin Food
  • Green & Spring Shampoo
  • ...& Lifestyle Extra: BirchBox Paname Pris Mirror

Gerda Spillmann Age Serum (Full-size £69.00 , sample size received 3ml)
Keep up your youthful appearance this spring with antioxidant enriched here serum. Add it to your routine for fresh, supple skin for all ages. It's a thin textured serum and I haven't used it yet, as I haven't yet started using any aging products however, I'll give this a go.

Waleda Skin Food (Full Size £8.95, Sample Size received 10ml)
It's an organic product used by Victoria Beckham who swears by this all-natural moisturiser which softens dry heels and elbows with ease. I am exciting to try this product as I have tried other Waleda products before and they're lovely.

Green & Spring Shampoo  (Full Size £16, Sample Size received 50ml)
This product has lavender scent and ideal for everyday use. Some people have received the conditioner range by the same brand and I received a shampoo which I am glad I have however I dislike the smell, just not my type :(

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lip pencil (Full Size £17.50, Sample received Full Size)
This is the only product that I am going to use out of all from this box. It's a lovely rosy colour and creamy lip pensil stick which is well pigmented. This product has a light shimmer to it and looks lovely on. I have been a Mirenesse lover for a while and always been placing an order which comes all the way from Australia. Love this product <3

La Societe Parisienne De Savons Soap (Full Size 8.50, available to purchase here)
Quite nice packaging as you can see however I am not keen on the smell at all and therefore won't be using it. I'll be passing it on to my mum or a work colleague. 

BirchBox Paris Mirror
And last but not the least, BirchBox thrown in a little mirror in our box as a lifestyle extra this month. This is come handy to put it in my handbag when I loose my current one (haha, always loosing it).

Overall I am not too keen on most of the products that I have received this month however, it's a good range but just not my type. We have to remember that , it's only a sampling service so we won't necessarily be getting the products we always want. I am looking forward to the next month's box and hope it would be a better one than this.


  1. I got the same as you, except I got a Natio foaming cleanser instead of the hair product. I loved the lip pencil, too. Isn't it fab? x

    1. Definitely Jo! It's gorgeous, I am going to put this straight into my make up bag.

      Ooo is the cleanser nice?


  2. I got the same two boxes pretty much the same!!
    Im not impressed with birchbox at all....ive had 3 boxes off them now (altho the last 2 were free as they messed up) but i would not have been happy if i paid for this month box.... boxes seem to have lost their way a little which is sad as it could be a great thing!
    I find doing a beauty box swap with a fellow beauty lover fantastic! You get things youll actually USE!!!

    1. I agree with you Claire!

      They have too many promotional offers going on, makes me feel like I should unsubscribe and re-sub next month after receiving a promotional email.
      Not too happy with the contains but hey ho..there's always a *Next Mont*


  3. I got the same box as you except I got the Natio cleanser instead of the shampoo.
    Pretty average box, I agree! Nothing amazing, but the lip pencil is a nice colour! xx

    1. Hi Amy!
      I love the pencil and I think it was the saver of the box
      Was thinking of returning it but changed my mind later x