Monday, 22 April 2013


I have here a Brand New Beauty Box (which very recently launched) all the way from Israel. The box was delivered within 5-7 working days after I made a payment through PayPal. As this company is fairly new and not many of us aware of it, I thought I'll do a review so you know what sort of products they include in Glam Guru Beauty Boxes.

GLAM GURU BEAUTY BOX (International)
Available to purchase : here

As you can see from the pictures, It's a gorgeous Black Beauty Box , megnatic slide to open which tied up with black ribbon. Inside, pretty pink tissue paper and Brown shredded paper. Lovely packaging , will certainly re-use it as storage or Gift Box :)
I have also received a little envelop with lovely Welcome message written on, lovely personal touch!

Glam Guru is available to purchase from £12 a month plus P&P here and with this month's box, there were 7 products and an Extra product included for being a new subscriber.

Now, here are the contents of my First Glam Guru Box:

  • Elin Blanco Hair Treatment Mask
  • Moroccan oil Treatment Hair Oil
  • Lancaster Suractif Volume Contour Skin Illuminator
  • Lancaster Flash Smoothing Skin Scrub
  • Gaya Mineral Bronzer shimmer 
  • Orly Nail Polish in Flare
  • Kleenex Pocket Tissue
  • and last but not the least a little *EXTRA* Facial Sponge

Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil (Sample size 25ml?, not sure as not written in English)
Most of us know about this product and it smells gorgeous! Ideal for Dry and Damaged hair. As I have oily hair and don't normally apply oil, this product would have to be in my Give Away list sadly :(

I do not currently own any product that are created for specially Contouring! So needless to say that I am EXCITED to try out this product! It's also an Illuminator that highlights contours and unify complexion. It has a lovely smell to it and the product inside looks like Benefit High Beam. 

This is a lovely deluxe sized sample, enough to try out on face. This scrub is for all skin type and also works as a mask. 5 mins application helps increasing the brightness of your skin and softens it. Hmmm lovely!

Elin Blanco Hair Treatment Mask (30ml? Not written on the product)
Another lovely sized product in the box which smells amazing! Never heard og Elin Blanco Brand before but excited to try it since it's for all types of hair. It provides moisture and repair damaged hair while softens and creates shine. Available to purchase here

Orly Nail Polish in Flare (Full Size)
Orly is a lovely brand and I have tried their nail polish before. I have received the colour in Flare which is gold shimmery long lasting colour that would look lovely at night out!

This is gotta be the FAVOURITE product of the box! Available to purchase for 40EURO! Which is more than £25 on it's own and this has paid for the whole box and bit more. This product is more like an highlighting shimmery powder and the packaging is beautiful! It can be used on eyes and it has a lot glitter! Will also use on my cheek bone to create some shine. It's an amazing full-size product!

Kleenex Pocket Tissue
This is a pocked tissue which comes handy for handbags. I have had them before from Body Care and always buying these.

A Little *EXTRA* Facial Sponge
Very nice of them sending me an extra product as a new subscriber. I do not currently have a face sponge so will definitely be using this.

Overall, I absolutely love Glam Guru Box! It's been ages since I said WOW after opening a beauty box and it's going down the hill lately. I am very impressed with their convenient service and will definately be purchasing in the future.

What do you think of Glam Guru?
Are you planning to buy one?

Feel Free to comment below :)
Love, Fatema x<3x


  1. Is this a new one? ive not seen this before -this box actually looks pretty good!!
    I might have to have a look into this one!!
    Great review, thank you!

    1. Yes hun indeed a new box
      I'm purchasing my second one soon xx

  2. I just bought the 3rd box, can't wait for it to arrive! they are amazing and I'm always happy with the products. the site is in hebrew, but you can send them an email and they will respond in english.

    1. Absolutely!
      I'll be purchasing another one soon as I am very happy with the products I've received.
      Please don't forget to follow my blog to see next review xx

  3. great! i'm going to check it out now!

  4. So informative, fabulous blog !

    1. Hello
      Thank you hun
      Do check back again as I'll be purchasing Glam Guru Box 3 soon x

  5. So tempted by Glam Guru! Looks fab! how much was the postage? and is it a monthly subscription like Glossybox? x

    1. Think it's £17 including P&P hun and it's not a monthly subscription as you only pay when you want one xx

  6. I just got my first GlamGuru box as well, and I was really happy with it actually :)