Thursday, 25 April 2013

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Pearl Lowe for Glossy Box April 2013 UK

I have received my Glossy Box this month a little late due to it being lost and being redelivered. But anyway, here's my review on this month's Glossy Box.
As you already know, this is a special edition box designed by Pearl Lowe and I have to so So Pretty! Just right up on my street. Here are the contents:

  • Richard Ward Couture Hair
  • YVES Rocher France Nutritive Vegetal Nourishing Cream
  • Nip + Fab Mango Body Butter
  • ESSIE Nail Lacquer
  • Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

Nip + Fab Mango Body Butter (Full Size £9.95 200ml, Sample Size 50ml)
I have used some products from this brand and they were all skincare range. However I didn't have any idea that Nip + Fab also sales bath/body stuff so it was nice to get a lovely luxury sixed Body Butter from them. This body butter it not too think so easily bendable and not too thin which may lack lasting time. Generous size and gorgeous smell.

ESSIE Nail Lacquer (Full Size £7.99, Sample Size received: Full Size)
Lovely to see Essie brand being included in Glossy Box! There's a massive range of colours so I have seen many different colours being added in the box this month. One I received is in Geranium , though I wouldn't have picked up the same colour , I still like it! It's an in between Orange and Red colour and perfect for Spring/Summer. Excellent quality, Dries very quickly.

Richard Ward Couture Hair Optimiser Style Reviver (Full Size £19 for 150ml, Sample size received  50ml)
I have used Richard Ward's hair product before and did not like/ suited my hair type. I has a nice smell but doesn't have a lot of holding power. Wish I didn't received this product and had received Yves Rocher little perfume sample instead like most subscriber did :( .Won't be using this product.

YVES Rocher France Nutritive Vegetal Nourishing Cream (Full Size £13.50 for 50ml, Sample size received  15ml)
This is a cute little tube of moisturiser received in my box. Suitable for Dry to Very Dry skin which is what I am. It's an organic product which is a bonus and I am definately going to try this once I rund out of my Estee Lauder moisturiser.

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask (Full Size £18 for 75ml, Sample size received  15ml)
Another organic product in this month's box! However I DO NOT like Balance Me, not only because I have received enough BM product in different beauty boxes but also it doesn't do much on my skin! I think Balance Me company's PR has gone into wrong direction as I own almost all of their ranges that i have received either free with magazine or in Beauty Boxes so don't see how are we ever going to need to buy more of BM Products? phewww

Overall, I loved this month's box until I saw what other(most!) people have received. The Sleek Blusher, Yves Rocher and Illamasqua pencil that other subscriber received but I didn't :(
Would have loved receiving them instead of the Hair Spray and Balance Me face mask and therefore this box became a let down for me. No complain about the sizes, infact they were very generous but the variation was as usual, Unfair!

What do you think of your glossbox?
Did you receive same as me or a different one?
Please feel free to comment

Love, Fatema x


  1. OOh I love Balance Me products, I would have been chuffed to get this in my April Box xx

    1. Oh Do u hun, I don't hate them but I don't like getting them in my boxes anymore as they've been all over.

      Have you subscribed to Glossy Box hun? xx

  2. Its understandable to be a little dissapointed that you didn't get items you would have rathered but fingers crossed next time you'll be a little more lucky than others Missy!

  3. I got the same April GlossyBox as you. I love the essie polish and the smell of the body butter is lovely. x